Good course of pregnancy

You are pregnant, now is the time to think about yourself.

Pregnancy is quite a delicate period. Now is the perfect time for mom to take caring for her for nine (09) good months.

Difficult times will surely not be lacking (back pain, perpetual hunger, fatigue …) but they should in no way prevent you from taking advantage of this exceptional period.

Certainly with the arrival of the baby you will have a lot of problems why not take advantage of this relaxation phase ?
Remember to rest as much as possible. Rest should be good during pregnancy because after childbirth you will have less and the sleepless nights will get worse.

Also consider adopting good eating habits. Food is a point strong pregnancy. Your diet will have significant repercussions on your health and your baby’s. Favor foods rich in iron, dairy products and consume much more fruits and vegetables, preferably sweet bananas and avocado.
Another aspect that is fundamental to a successful pregnancy is intercourse. Having sex during pregnancy would be very beneficial for you and your baby to better understand your childbirth. Above all, it is an intense time and you do do no harm to the fetus if it does not.

Vivagest will make you discover all these beautiful moments of tranquility during your pregnancy and Moreover. It will increase your sexual appetite, help you have a healthy child, without deformities, strong, beautiful and intelligent.

Vivagest accompanies you throughout your pregnancy for an endless journey.

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