Will I have enough milk ?
Will it be of good quality ?
How will I manage fatigue ?

These are all questions that a young mother could ask herself.

With Vivagest, you’ll be able to fully enjoy these moments with no worries.

It contributes to the production and enrichment of breast milk, thus giving your baby everything it he/she needs to grow and optimise all sensory and cognitive functions.

And to prevent the baby blues: Vivagest works on the mother’s psychological and nervous balance and reduces her state of fatigue.

It strengthens the immune system of both the mother and child.


How and when to take Vivagest ?

1 capsule per day every evening while eating (at the same time).
2 capsules per day,
1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening to be taken at meal times

When ?

Breastfeeding twins
2 capsules per day, taken as a single dose during the evening meal. (at a fixed time).

Active ingredients

DHA (oméga 3)

Supplements containing DHA taken by the mother contribute to good neurological and visual development in the breastfed child.

Vitamines B12

It improves breast milk production.


To prevent the risks of hypothyroidism. Iodine promotes the psychomotor and mental development of the infant. It avoids having a baby with a lower IQ accompanied by learning difficulties.


Stimulates the immune system

Vitamines B9

(Folic acid): Essential in the production of red blood cells and in the functioning of the immune system.

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