Increasing your chances of having TWINS with VIVAGEST is POSSIBLE!!! Vivagest + Clomifex

You absolutely must combine this treatment with Clomifex, taking 2 tablets per day for 6 days (starting from the 2nd or 3rd day of the menstruation cycle).

Clomifex by its estrogenic action works to stimulate the ovary, allowing it to develop several oocytes (egg cells) which will be able to reach maturity thanks to the DHA found in Vivagest, allowing for successful embryo implantation.

The winning combination to increase your chances of having twins:

The chances are increased by favorising the quality and volume of spermatogenesis of the man thanks to Clomifex as well.

But also and above all, with effects on testosterogenesis and libido without the side effects of an exogenous administration of testosterone.

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Role of the active ingredients

It takes time for the components in Vivagest to take effect:

DHA at up to 800 mg per day will have a strong effect on the natural production of progesterone by the woman.

Vitamin D3 also boosts the production of progesterone.

Vitamin D3 will influence FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and the production of follicles.

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